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Posted Feb. 26, 2013, midnight | 0 Comments

Neutra Expands Beyond Bathroom with Neos

Neutra Expands Beyond Bathroom with Neos

Italian company Neutra, known for its sophisticated bathrooms, introduces its first-ever series for another space, a living and dining collection titled Neos by Luca Martorano. The collection, styled from wood and thin stone sheets with rounded corners, seems to defy volume.

Martorano explains, “Many pieces of furniture made of stone are characterized by a traditional, heavy and bulky look. My intention was to go in the opposite direction, namely to provide marble pieces of furniture with an incredibly light visual effect.”


"Neutra’s core business is certainly the bathroom, but I liked their intention of focusing also on the living and dining areas, as it is the case with Neos," says Martorano. "In fact all the ground furniture, the wall cabinets and the dining tables can be easily placed within a living room, matching warm carpets, sofas and armchairs."


According to Neutra, "the concept of this collection relies on relations with and references to plans and volumes, bases on receding edges as well as on stone frontals with rounded‐off corners, thus minimizing the volume of each single piece.”

In plain speak, the pieces of this contemporary collection appear elegant and effortless, making a quiet statement while taking up very minimal space, visually.