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Company Info

Company Name: Sicis North America

Headquarters: 470 Broome St. New York, New York 10013

About: SICIS present SICIS NEXT ART, the new division devoted to artist’s designs. SICIS, Italian manufacturers of luxury mosaics, continues to push through the traditional boundaries of decorative mosaics towards new artistic forms and techniques. SICIS NEXT ART is a symbiotic union of the artist and the mosaic masters; a celebration of the artist's vision combined with thousands of small tesserae vibrating and exploding with light, texture and three-dimensionality resulting in unique works of art. As is always the case for such prestigious work, all collections will be limited editions only. The creations are ethereal chairs that combine luxurious fabrics and mosaic-decorated features uniting a shared heritage of ancient artisan techniques. Like colorful vibrant brushstrokes, the mosaic tesserae make their statement, unleashing their souls through iconic sculptures that transcend classic design into the surreal and metaphysical.

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The profile of a successful brand. 100% Made in Italy SICIS was born from an intuition: to focus on mosaics, with the aim of rescuing this art from the limbo ...

The profile of a successful brand. 100% Made in Italy SICIS was born from an intuition: to focus on mosaics, with the aim of rescuing this art from the limbo of history and bringing it to the present day and age. It was 1987. More than twenty years later, this intuition is SICIS, one of the leading companies in this sector.

With its precious collections and items, SICIS has given a contemporary dimension to mosaics. This completely Made in Italy art, once a simple covering, has transformed into a communication tool that can express trends and lifestyles. By combining handicraft skills, planning skills and continuous research, SICIS is able to offer unique and inimitable solutions. Mosaic tesserae, more than anything else, express this by combining into infinite chromatic combinations and decorative patterns. They design the outlines of architecture and of modern living spaces.

Creativity, technology and experimentation have been part of SICIS all these years. Other than confirming how truly long-sighted this carefully nurtured project was, SICIS has created prestigious works of art in every part of the world it plays the starring role in.

It has given life to collections such as Murano Smalto, Glass3, Metallismo, Water Glass, Basic, NeoGlass, Colibrì, Flower Power, Rug, Cosmati, PixAll, Mediterranea, Pin Up, the very latest OrienTale, Natural, Portrait, Blends & Colors, Skyline, Firefly and Bath & More collections, a dream journey into the world of bathrooms and relaxation… Today every SICIS collection is a unique ‘occasion’ for an artistic, moving, precious and expressive art performance, skilfully applied to the hospitality and living sectors.

Glass mosaics are not the only art SICIS excels in. The true core of its DNA (and what it owes its success to) are marble mosaics. SICIS has a stunning palette of colours and a broad range of combinations in different formats and with different appearances. These tools allow SICIS to produce all kinds of mosaics, including highly romantic ones and contemporary ones.

This versatility is, of course, combined with pure Italian talent, which touches the sphere of aesthetic sensibility and style, as well as the deep knowledge of the materials and the unstoppable will to experiment and overcome limits. This particular aspect is the inevitable result of a careful and precise production process, in which every step is carried out by SICIS, in perfect harmony with the guidelines of traditional artisan skills and with state-of-the-art equipment. Italy’s industry has reason to be proud.

In line with this dynamic approach, SICIS welcomes new and exciting challenges. It responds by creating new departments, which are the result of the artistic desire that SICIS has always encouraged with great sensibility and commitment. One of these new departments is SICIS NEXT ART, dedicated to furniture and design interpreted by artists and stylists. Presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010, SICIS NEXT ART stimulates to achieve new art formats for interior decoration. It has unique furniture, enriched with mosaic tesserae that give light, impact and three-dimensionality - it is created by the artist, the mosaic maestro and an industrial production system working in perfect harmony together.

Beyond art and design, SICIS embraces the world of luxury jewelry, and mosaic is turned into jewels with the new SICIS JEWELRY department.

Jewelry not just of gold and precious stones, but also mosaic, giving rise to a unique and exclusive item inspired by the ancient eighteenth century tradition of micro mosaics, which was on the brink of being lost and that has now come back to life in an entirely new and contemporary form, revived with an original touch by SICIS.
Today SICIS has a number of flagship stores in capitals and cities round the world, such as Milan, New York, Paris, Bruxelles, Dubai, New Delhi, Tokyo, Rome, Moscow, Seoul, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv. It would be demeaning to define them “showrooms”. They are the venue of the highest expression of mosaic art in every magical representation.

Meanwhile, SICIS is already travelling towards the new future…
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